New Pitt News column about Crisis Pregnancy Centers!

In a valiant and reluctant show of moderation and not-libeling-anyone, I changed my thesis for this piece over the course of a month from “Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Creepy and Should Go Home” (still my personal opinion) to “Pitt Needs To Do Research Before Recommending Sexual Health Clinics (Including CPCs).”

I felt really guilty writing this, because the lady I spoke to from the Women’s Choice Network was actually very nice on the phone, but the things I’ve heard from some people who went to her clinic are not nice at all. Also, not sure if I did a good enough job stressing that contrary to what they desperately want you to think, the Women’s Choice Network offers literally nothing in the way of tests, pre-natal care, options and post-abortion counseling that you cannot get from Planned Parenthood, except for a strong anti-abortion spin factor.

The stated purpose of the medical clinics behind is to “help you get all the facts before you decide whether an abortion is right for you.” For the clinics behind, their goal is to “empower abortion-vulnerable women to choose life.”

To me, those sound like two different missions, and Women’s Choice Network — the organization represented by both websites — sounds like a misleading name for an organization whose ultimate goal is to convince women to carry their pregnancies to term. But Amy Scheuring, the clinics’ executive director, says there’s nothing deceitful about her clinics.

Pitt Student Health’s Referrals for Reproductive Services Need Standards


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