Tracey Hickey is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, where she studies nonfiction writing, women’s studies, and film, roughly in that order.

This is her second year writing a column for the Pitt News called “Going Mental,” because Tracey is usually either A. writing about mental health or B. going mental about something. She wanted to write a sex and relationships column called Love Bites (like Hickey! Get it?) but that was already taken.

Tracey is currently interning with the Pittsburgh branch of the American Civil Liberties Union  – a thrilling sequel to her blogging internship with the Women’s Law Project last semester, with harsher deadlines and even more dogs in the office.

Tracey is also: white, able-bodied, middle-class, cisgender, young, thin, and female, and of the opinion that all of that makes a significant difference in how people treat you. Less of a “Democrat” and more of a “progressive” or “goddamn bleeding-heart liberal.” Tendency to agree with something you’ll read on http://www.bitchmedia.com or http://www.good.is.

The Myers-Briggs diagnosis is Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving, or a cross between an overbearing hippie art teacher and a golden retriever. The psychiatrist’s diagnosis is clinical depression and general anxiety disorder, both of which are being Managed through hard work, patience and ambivalent dependence on SSRIs.

Despite all these fascinating qualities, Tracey is perhaps best known for being arrested by riot police outside her freshman dorm.

In addition to columns and blogs, Tracey writes personal essays, short stories, screenplays and disorganized attempts at novels. Should anyone decide to publish these, you’ll be the first to know.


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