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Catch-Up: Two Big Damn Columns

As the title indicates, I wrote two Big Damn Columns over the last month – one about asexuality, one about student debt – that I am rather proud of.

For my asexuality column, which was a basic “Yes, asexuals exist!” 101 type piece for the Sex Edition, I got to interview the wonderful Sasha. I was taking on a lot of responsibility, as a sexual person taking the role of “introducing” asexuality to the Pitt student body, and I mostly was just praying I didn’t fuck it up. But asexuals from Pittsburgh commented on the post saying that it made them happy, so I think it was a success.

When asked what’s the most important thing she wants people to know about asexuality, Sasha answers bluntly, “that we exist.”


Then I wrote about student debt, which was lengthy and kind of difficult – I had to confront some truths about my own finances that made me very anxious – but very rewarding. I also learned a lot about egg donation, because every time I thought about how much I owe in student loans, I started researching the requirements for selling my eggs.

When I graduate from Pitt this April, I will owe a combined total of $53,638 in subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford, Parent Plus and private loans, not counting interest.

How much do you owe?


when we talk about student debt, we tend to be vague. Most of us say we have “a lot of loans,” but it’s rarely clear what that means — anything from $20,000 to $100,000 can be someone’s idea of “a lot of loans.”